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General FAQ

The only requirements are to have a Lightning Network bitcoin wallet and a working internet connection.

We have very deep respect for our user's privacy and we collect as little data as possible, for example we encourage users to access LOFT through the use of VPNs and TOR in order to not reveal to us their real location. Also we don't collect real names or phone numbers, even the email is optional.

No we don't require our users to register an email address but we still offer the choice to do so, this is to help the user recover their account should the password be forgotten.

We offer CFDs of the most popular trading instruments. A CFD (contract for difference) is a popular type of derivative that allows you to trade on margin, providing you with greater exposure to the financial markets. CFDs are a type of derivative, meaning you do not buy the underlying asset itself. Instead, you buy or sell units for a given financial instrument depending on whether you think the underlying price will rise or fall. A CFD is a contract between a broker and a trader who agree to exchange the difference in value of an underlying security between the beginning and the end of the contract.

CFDs are also leveraged, which means you are able to take on a bigger position with a smaller amount of initial capital. In other words, you only put down a deposit of the value of your trade and borrow the remainder from your broker. Leveraged trading is also referred to as trading on margin. This is because the funds required to open and maintain a position – known as the margin – are only a faction of the total trade size.Trading on margin you pay only a fraction of the actual price. For example, a 10% margin requirement means that you have to deposit only 10% of the value of the trade you want to open, and the rest is covered by your CFD provider.

Trading FAQ

Once you're logged in go to the market page and select a product, then from the product page you can click the button TRADE and you'll be presented with a view where you can configure the parameters of your trade.

Once you're logged in go to the Positions page, then click on the row of the trade you want to close and click the CLOSE TRADE button

Currently we support a minimum leverage of 5x and maximum 100x.

There is no minimum size of the trade you can make, however we currently enforce a maximum margin of 0.01BTC. Note that this limit is temporary and we aim to lift it as soon as we can.

We aim to encourage trading as much as possible and we'll use the lowest fees possible that allows us to operate safely.

Open Fee : 0.15% with minimum of 1 sat

This fee is applied to the order margin during order creation and immediately taken from the user's balance.

Overnight Fee : 0.5% and increased every 7 days by 0.5%

The overnight fee is applied every 24h since order creation, when the fee is applied to the order quantity and margin are decreased by a factor equal to the current overnight fee. The fee starts at 0.5% and is increased by 0.5% every 7 days since the order creation, for example on the seventh day the overnight fee will be 1%


MARKET BUY order with quantity 100 and leverage 50 at a ref-price of 30000$ yields the following:

 margin: 6667 sat

 liquidation: 29411.76$

 open fee : 1 sat

 The user is then debited 6668 sats

MARKET BUY order with quantity 100 and leverage 50 at a ref-price of 30000$ yields the following:

 Time: 0-24h since creation:

   margin: 6667 sat

   overnight fee : 0 sat

 Time: 24-48h since creation:

   margin: 6634 sat

   overnight fee : 6667 - 0.5% = 33 sat

 Time: 7th day since creation:

   margin: 6404 sat

   overnight fee : 6404 - 1% = 64 sat

 The overnight fee keeps being debited on the order quantity and margin every 24h.

Wallet FAQ

We support Bitcoin Lightning Network deposits so you will need a Lightning Network enabled wallet, there are many good choices for both mobile and desktop, here is a non exhaustive list of wallets. If you have on-chain funds you will need to find a swap service or to open a channel, note that some of the wallets already offer this functionality.

We support Bitcoin Lightning Network withdrawals, both via LNURL-withdraw as well as with a plain BOLT11 invoice. Please make sure you have a supported wallet and if you use a DIY node/wallet to have enough inbound liquidity to receive the payment. Here is a list of wallets that support LNURL.

It's possible to deposit at most 0.01 BTC in your LOFT account. So for example if you have a balance of 0 satoshis you'll be able to create deposit requests up to 0.01 BTC, however if you already have a non zero balance (say 0.005 BTC) then you'll be able to create deposit requests up to 0.005 BTC

No you can withdraw all your balance at any time. Please note that withdrawals can take up to 1 minute to be approved and you won't be able to issue new withdrawals until the existing one is approved.

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