Our Vision

Privacy is not an option, and it shouldn't be the price we accept for just getting on the Internet.

Here at LOFT we take financial inclusion very seriously, this means we strive to make financial tools easy and accessible to everyone.

We're often told that business acumen is an innate talent, a gift that anyone can receive, but is also a gift that not everyone has the opportunity to put into practice. In fact, in many countries there are restrictions that prevent their citizens from accessing even the traditional financial instruments.

For instance those countries lacking banking infrastructure or forbids women and minors from making investments, there are even countries that prevent people from using financial instruments because of some political or religious belief.

We believe that economic independence and financial freedom are part of fundamental rights of every man and therefore are particularly important to us.

physical bitcoin

The relatively recent advent of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has been the first milestone on top of which we can build our new financial tools, but it's not enough. Privacy is the second ingredient needed to build the new generation of financial tools and indeed a very important topic, often downplayed even in the more developed regions of the world.

Here at LOFT we consider privacy to be a fundamental right both in real life and on the web. We think the tracking and control of personal data and the use of the information collected to be a serious abuse of personal freedoms. It is for this reason that we decided to not collect any data from our users and we encourage them to improve their online privacy every day.

Yes, because the more privacy increases, the greater the possibility of enjoying life freely by preventing third parties from using personal information for malicious purposes. LOFT wants to be the tool for financial freedom in which capital moves freely on the web without being chased and stolen by anyone.

To make this possible we have decided to use the Bitcoin Lightning Network which allows you to speed up transactions, reduce (almost zero) transaction costs and ensure a high level of privacy by mixing the transactions that pass on our platform.

But that's not all, we will take steps to ensure our users always have the best security and highest level of privacy, we strongly advise them to use a good VPN or the TOR network when accessing LOFT.

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